Anthony Turner Totem Handscapes

Anthony was born in Kenya in 1959, where his early influences included two meticulous Kikuyu carpenters. He studied psychology at Exeter University, returned to Kenya as a painter and writer, and now lives on the edge of Dartmoor. Four years as an assistant to Peter Randall-Page, under the patient guidance of Dominic Welch and David Brampton, taught Anthony the traditional Italian methods of stone carving, enlargement from the model, and some of the secrets of lifting, turning and moving heavy objects. Drawing remains central to Anthony's work and he regards his sketchbook as a storehouse of emerging ideas and feelings.

I'm currently interested in the potent symbolic power of imaginary exotic fruit and modest everyday vegetables, and in finding universal signs of love and unity. In the lines and forms of each carving, I'm silently contemplating the generous nourishing abundance of nature and its mysterious ability to provide and contain the vast expanse of human thought and experience.

A fully illustrated catalogue for this exhibition will be available nearer the show date, when all pieces will also be available to view on-line.