Emile-Antoine Bourdelle - Standing Woman, 1909
Edouard-Marcel Sandoz - Guinea Pig, 1919
Francois Pompon - Polar Bear Head, 1930
Constantin Emile Meunier - Miner with the Lamp, 1901
Herbert Haseltine - The Chaser
Roger Godchaux - Standing Horse, 1906
Josuë Dupon - Queen of the Harvest Festival, 1916
Ferdinand Pautrot - Seated Pointer with Hare, c.1860
Jules Moigniez - Greyhound and Hare, c. 1865
Pierre-Jules Mene - L' Amazon, 1865
Pierre Lenordez - Hunter, Hound and Horn, 1865
Emmanuel Fremiet - Tethered Elephant, 1878
Christophe Fratin - Le Pere Oudry, c. 1840
Aime-Jules Dalou - Standing Workman, c.1890
Rosa Bonheur - Walking Bull, c.1845
Isidore-Jules Bonheur - Highland Pony Carrying Stag, 1860
Joseph Edgar Boehm - Captain Anstruther Thomson on His Horse Rainbow, 1867
Antoine-Louis Barye - Roger and Angelique, 1840
Nick Bibby - Traditional Hereford Bull - Street Talbot
Nick Jeffrey - Thermal Heights III
Nic Fiddian-Green - Study for fire, Glyndebourne
Rosie Corcoran - Medium Tiger Face
Piotr Wojcik - Blason - SOLD
Nicola Lazzari - Secondo La Notte
Edouard Martinet - Shrimp (SOLD)
David Fertig - Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunkers Hill, after
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Gorilla (lifesize)
Pierre-Jules Mene - Vainqueur du Derby, 1863
  - Djinn Horse at the Barrier, 1846
  - Arab Mare with Saddle & Rifle,  c.1855
Georges Gardet - Large Stag, 1920
Emmanuel Fremiet - Two Racehorses with Jockeys Up, 1885
Alfred Dubucand - Kaolin, 1878
Alfred Dubucand - Boy and Donkey, c.1875
Isidore-Jules Bonheur - Le Grand Jockey, 1879
Antoine-Louis Barye - Turkish Horse, c.1857
Antoine-Louis Barye - Python Crushing a Gazelle, c.1841
Antoine-Louis Barye - Lion Devouring a Doe, 1837
Antoine-Louis Barye - Arab Stallion, c. 1838
Alfred Barye - Camel, with Saddle
Fernando Botero - Sitting Woman, 1976
Alfred Dubucand - Chasse a la Gazelle
Edouard Martinet - Toad 2 (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Frog (SOLD)
Ernst Barlach - Russian Beggar Woman, 1907
Antoine-Louis Barye - Turkish Horse
Auguste Rodin - Hand
Louis-Ernest Meissonier - Marshal Ney, c. 1895
Henri Alfred Marie Jacquemart - Seated Hound, c. 1865
Georges Gardet - Pair of Great Danes, c. 1900
Arthur Waagen - Rabat Joie, c. 1875
Isidore-Jules Bonheur - Pointer, Large, 1889
Henri Alfred Marie Jacquemart - Hound and Tortoise, c. 1875
Ferdinand Pautrot - Pointer and Partridge, c. 1860
Jules Moigniez - Hunter with Hound, 1875
Pierre-Jules Mene - Griffon and Pigeons, 1858
Emmanuel Fremiet - Wounded Hound, 1850
Christophe Fratin - Two Greyhounds Coursing, 1850
Henri Alfred Marie Jacquemart - Two Oxen, c. 1875
Isidore-Jules Bonheur - Greyhound and Hare, 1870
Antoine-Louis Barye - Spaniel, c. 1850
Antoine-Louis Barye - Reclining Greyhound, 1868
Emile-Antoine Bourdelle - La Maternité, 1893
Pierre-Jules Mene - Greyhound with Ball, 1846
Henri Alfred Marie Jacquemart - Sacred Ibis, c. 1860
Paul Troubetzkoy - Horse and Jockey, 1933
Paul Troubetzkoy - Husky, lying down, 1915
Paul Troubetzkoy - Moscow Coachman, 1898
Sirio Tofaniri - Family of Eland, 1920
Théophile Alexandre Steinlen - Seated Angora Cat, 1900
Edouard-Marcel Sandoz - Lapin Bijou, 1920
Edouard-Marcel Sandoz - Rabbit bookends
Edouard-Marcel Sandoz - Dachshund
Edouard-Marcel Sandoz - Two Monkeys Playing, c.1911
Auguste Rodin - Faunesse Zoubaloff, conceived 1885
Auguste Rodin - Left hand of Eustache, c.1898
Auguste Rodin - Jean d'Aire, 1887
Auguste Rodin - Hand of a Pianist, c.1890
Auguste Rodin - The Kiss, 1898
Auguste Rodin - Small Head of Man with Broken Nose, 1889
Auguste Rodin - Andrieu d'Andres, 1900
Auguste Rodin - Jean de Fiennes, 1895
Auguste Rodin - Eustache de Saint Pierre, c. 1930
Auguste Rodin - Monumental Torso, 1906
Francois Pompon - Sleeping Rooster, 1914
Francois Pompon - Pelican, 1913-18
Francois Pompon - Crowned Crane, Smooth Crest, 1926
Francois Pompon - Crowned Crane, Striped Crest, 1926
Francois Pompon - Calf (Genisse), 1909
Francois Pompon - Condor, 1918
Francois Pompon - Crowned Crane, 1926
Francois Pompon - Mole Burrowing, 1908
Constantin Emile Meunier - The Prodigal Son, 1895
Constantin Emile Meunier - Self-Portrait Drawing
Constantin Emile Meunier - Head of Pudler Drawing
Herbert Haseltine - Bull striking a picador's horse, 1921
Herbert Haseltine - Pair of Sheep
Herbert Haseltine - Monkey wearing Tutu, 1900
Herbert Haseltine - Polo Pony
Herbert Haseltine - Single Mule
Herbert Haseltine - Spanish Saddle Horses
Herbert Haseltine - Pair of Portugese Bullfighters, 1921
Roger Godchaux - Le Galop
Maximilian Fiot - Bucking Horse, c.1920
Josuë Dupon - Condor, 1907
Gaston Le Bourgeois - Pekinese Dog, c.1920
Emile-Antoine Bourdelle - Italienne au Genoux, 1906
John Willis Good - Gentleman on Horseback, 1874
John Willis Good - After the Race, 1870
John Willis Good - Before and After the Race, c.1870
John Willis Good - Carriage Horse
John Willis Good - Tired Hunter, c.1870
John Willis Good - Hunter Horse Silvered
Ferdinand Pautrot - Standing Hound, Tom
Ferdinand Pautrot - Spaniel Flushing a pheasant, c.1860
Ferdinand Pautrot - Partridge & Chick
Ferdinand Pautrot - Bird displaying
Jules Moigniez - Pair of Hares, circa 1880
Jules Moigniez - Pony and Greyhound, c. 1870
Jules Moigniez - Fox and Heron Match Striker, 1875
Jules Moigniez - Hunting Dog
Pierre-Jules Mene - Jument Normande et son Poulain, 1868
Pierre-Jules Mene - Ibrahim Arabian Horse
Louis-Ernest Meissonier - Herald on Horseback, c. 1893
Pierre Lenordez - Horse & Jockey, c. 1850
Prosper Lecourtier - King Charles Spaniel on Cushion, c. 1890
Emmanuel Fremiet - Stretching Dog
Emmanuel Fremiet - Mouse on an Oyster
Christophe Fratin - Nighttime Bear, c. 1850
Christophe Fratin - Careme, c. 1835
Christophe Fratin - Bear at the Dentist, c.1845
Christophe Fratin - Two Horse and Jockeys, c.1850
Paul-Edouard Delabrierre - Seated Lioness
Paul-Edouard Delabrierre - Huntsman and Hounds, c.1880
Aime-Jules Dalou - Nude Woman, c. 1890
Rosa Bonheur - Shepherd with Flock, 1850
Rosa Bonheur - Reclining Ewe and Ram, c. 1870
Isidore-Jules Bonheur - Horses and Trainer, Postillion, c.1866
Isidore-Jules Bonheur - Sow with Piglets
Auguste Bonheur - Cow in a Meadow
Joseph Edgar Boehm - Gentleman on Horseback, George Whyte-Melville
Joseph Edgar Boehm - Rearing Carthorse and Groom, 1869
Joseph Edgar Boehm - Huntsman, Fox and Hounds, 1870
Antoine-Louis Barye - Cochin Elephant, c.1870
Antoine-Louis Barye - Tartar Warrior, 1845
Antoine-Louis Barye - Sleeping Rabbit, c. 1840
Antoine-Louis Barye - Walking Lion, 1836
Antoine-Louis Barye - Ape and Gnu, c.1840
Antoine-Louis Barye - Seated Bear, c.1835
Antoine-Louis Barye - Walking Tiger, 1845
Antoine-Louis Barye - Seated Lion, no.3, c.1857
Antoine-Louis Barye - Eagle and Ibex, 1834
Antoine-Louis Barye - Asian Elephant, c.1857
Nick Bibby - Tamworth Boar - Crane Glen III
Nick Bibby - Aberdeen Angus Bull - Rosemead Jeronny
Nick Bibby - Red Ruby Devon Bull - Elmford Discretion
Nick Bibby - Bloodhound - Trailfinder Fortitude
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Kantaur
Rosie Corcoran - Looking I
Tom Coates - Feluccas at Elephantine Island, Asawn
Nick Jeffrey - Heliconius Morpho
Nick Jeffrey - Migration I
Nick Jeffrey - Horizons of the Orient
Nick Bibby - 11. Aberdeen Angus Bull - Galawater Bold King
Nick Bibby - 2. Suffolk Punch Stallion - Rocky Relaxing
Nick Bibby - 9. White Park Bull - Ash Nik Nak
Nic Fiddian-Green - Study for Mawari
Nic Fiddian-Green - Greek Head
Nic Fiddian-Green - Greek Head, Fragment
Nic Fiddian-Green - Model for Trojan
Nic Fiddian-Green - Horse at Water (lead)
Nic Fiddian-Green - Gentle Horse in the Wind
Nic Fiddian-Green - The Return
Nic Fiddian-Green - Touch
Nic Fiddian-Green - Serenity
Mark Coreth - Study for Cheetah and Tommy
Tom Coates - Fountains of the Louvre
Tom Coates - Resting While Waiting for Customers
Tom Coates - The Proud Owner, Village in the Sudan
Tom Coates - The Rock Caves and Early Sun Worshipers, Algarve
Tom Coates - The Tuk-Tuk Ranks, Cochin, India
Tom Coates - A Favorite Bookshop, St. Malo, Normandy
Tom Coates - Blue of the Nile
Tom Coates - Casting for Trout, Breckenridge
Tom Coates - Felucca Skippers
Tom Coates - Feluccas at the Cataracts, Aswan
Tom Coates - For Hire at the Pyramids
Tom Coates - Workers Resting, Avenue of the Sphinx, Luxor
Tom Coates - Blue Shadows at the Private Beach, Giglio
Tom Coates - The Flower Arranger
Tom Coates - Mountain Children of Thailand
Tom Coates - Italian Fountain, Many Dreams Come True
Tom Coates - Musicians at the Cataract Hotel, Aswan
Tom Coates - Artists at Campase, Isola del Goglio
Tom Coates - Making Artificial Flowers
Tom Coates - The Blue Sofa
Tom Coates - Children in Traditional Dress, Thailand
Tom Coates - Mary at The Cataract Hotel, Aswan
Tom Coates - Boule Players, Normandy, France
Tom Coates - Colors of the Souk, Aswan
Tom Coates - Street Riders of Cairo, Egypt
Tom Coates - Artist and Model, A Deserved Rest
Tom Coates - Campase Landmark, Isola del Giglio
Tom Coates - Cycling at Enkhuisen, Holland
Tom Coates - Journey Through the Arch, Aswan
Tom Coates - Entrance to the Souks, Aswan
Tom Coates - In the Shade, Aswan
Tom Coates - Dancer Resting
Tom Coates - Fishing in March, Breckenridge
Tom Coates - Beach at Compase, Isola del Giglio
Tom Coates - Between Rides, Aswan, Egypt
Tom Coates - Intentions of the Model
Tom Coates - Bathers at the Harbour Wall, Isola del Giglio
Tom Coates - Unloading the Customers, Thailand
Tom Coates - Household Timber Delivery
Tom Coates - Purple Umbrella, Campase Beach, Isola del Giglio
Tom Coates - The Mirror
Tom Coates - Campase, Isola del Giglio (The Brazen Women)
Tom Coates - Fish Sales at Giglio Harbour
Tom Coates - Avenue of the Sphinx, Luxor
Tom Coates - Fish Market Cats, Essaouira, Morocco
Tom Coates - Waiting for the Titbits at the Fish Market, Essaouira, Moroc
Tom Coates - Harbour, Enkhuisen, Holland
Tom Coates - Moorings, Enkhuisen, Holland
Tom Coates - Kitchener Island, Aswan, Egypt
Tom Coates - Nubian Village, Aswan, Egypt
Tom Coates - Visitors to Philae Temple
Tom Coates - Late Afternoon Light, Camp at Aswan
Tom Coates - Waiting for Customers to Ferry, Aswan
Tom Coates - Moored Feluccas, Aswan
Tom Coates - Local Children Fishing, St. Claire, France
Tom Coates - Outside the Temple of Luxor, Egypt
Tom Coates - Beauty of Philae and Visitors
Tom Coates - Early Morning Shoeshine, Luxor, Egypt
Rosie Corcoran - Lioness Walking
Rosie Corcoran - Lioness Side
Rosie Corcoran - Walking Away
Rosie Corcoran - Panther
Rosie Corcoran - Large Old Siberian
Rosie Corcoran - The Sumatran Pirate
Rosie Corcoran - The Sumatran Pirate Turned
Rosie Corcoran - Individual V
Rosie Corcoran - Individual VI
Rosie Corcoran - Large Tiger Face
Rosie Corcoran - Individual III
Rosie Corcoran - Individual IV
Rosie Corcoran - Individual II
Rosie Corcoran - Individual I
Rosie Corcoran - Silverback Study I
Rosie Corcoran - Silverback Study II
Rosie Corcoran - Contemplating
Rosie Corcoran - Link
Rosie Corcoran - Teenager
Rosie Corcoran - Gorilla Pose I
Rosie Corcoran - Gorilla pose II
Rosie Corcoran - Perhaps
Rosie Corcoran - Serval
Rosie Corcoran - Twisted Serval
Rosie Corcoran - Looking II
Piotr Wojcik - Omar Larabe (Omar the Arab)
Piotr Wojcik - Petite Tete Lapin, Grisou (Little Rabbits head, Grisou) - S
Piotr Wojcik - Jose Landolou ( Jose the Andalucian)
Piotr Wojcik - Loeil du Chat (Cat's Eye)
Piotr Wojcik - Petite Tete Cochon (Little Pig's Head)
Piotr Wojcik - Cheval Au Licol - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Trois Vashes a La Pature (Three Cows Feeding)
Piotr Wojcik - Pedro Le Criollo (Pedro The Native) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Unique
Piotr Wojcik - Chat Reveur (Dreaming Cat) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Vermeil (Silver Gilt) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Grand Cheval Truite (Dappled Grey Horse) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - La Truchere
Piotr Wojcik - Troupeau Moutons (Flock of Sheep)
Piotr Wojcik - Vaches a La Ferte (Cows In The Mud)
Piotr Wojcik - Chat Tigre (Tabby Cat) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Venus - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Petit Cheval (Little Horse) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Petit Chat Plaintif (Little Begging Cat) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Taurillions a La Grosne (Bullocks at Grosne) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Maternite (Maternity)
Piotr Wojcik - Typique (The Original) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Belier (Ram) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Vaches Dans La Prairie De Messey (Cows in the meadow at Mess
Piotr Wojcik - Le Souffleur (Blowing Horse) - SOLD
Piotr Wojcik - Vaches Au Glandon (Cows at Glandon)
Nicola Lazzari - Nana e Paolina al mare
Nicola Lazzari - Pesce tra i rami d'Aprile
Nicola Lazzari - Tutt'uno con il proprio peso
Nicola Lazzari - Saliere
Nancy Cadogan - Brooding Lake
Mark Coreth - Cheetah Chasing Tommy
Mark Coreth - Running Polar Bear
Mark Coreth - Study for Galloping Cheetah
Kate Corbett-Winder - Farm buildings, Berriew
Kate Corbett-Winder - Hanging Wood
Kate Corbett-Winder - Cottage Garden, Summer
Kate Corbett-Winder - Cwm Wood
Kate Corbett-Winder - Clun Forest, Summer
Kate Corbett-Winder - Cottage Garden, Spring
Kate Corbett-Winder - Cold Orchard hill
Kate Corbett-Winder - Middle House, Mid Winter
Kate Corbett-Winder - Clun Forest
Kate Corbett-Winder - Clun Forest, Autumn
Kate Corbett-Winder - Box Tree Farm, Summer
Kate Corbett-Winder - Box Tree Farm, Winter
Kate Corbett-Winder - Clun Forest II
Kate Corbett-Winder - Black Wood, July
Kate Corbett-Winder - Black Wood, May
Kate Corbett-Winder - The Belan, Autumn
Kate Corbett-Winder - The Beacon, aerial
Kate Corbett-Winder - The Beacon, snow
Kate Corbett-Winder - Summer Stalloe fields
Kate Corbett-Winder - The Beacon
Kate Corbett-Winder - Strawberry Wood
Kate Corbett-Winder - Strawberry Wood, June
Kate Corbett-Winder - Black Wood, Autumn
Kate Corbett-Winder - Vaynor Trees
Kate Corbett-Winder - Ucheldre, Summer
Kate Corbett-Winder - Upper House
Kate Corbett-Winder - The Cefns, June
Kate Corbett-Winder - The Cefns, Winter
Kate Corbett-Winder - Ucheldre, Snow
Kate Corbett-Winder - Rock Farm, Autumn
Kate Corbett-Winder - Rock Farm, July
Kate Corbett-Winder - Rock Farm, September
Kate Corbett-Winder - Plinog, May
Kate Corbett-Winder - Plinog, November
Kate Corbett-Winder - Lower Cefn, winter
Kate Corbett-Winder - Middle house
Kate Corbett-Winder - Lower Cefn, November
Kate Corbett-Winder - Lower Cefn, Spring
Kate Corbett-Winder - Kerry Ridgeway
Kate Corbett-Winder - Pentre Farm, Summer
Kate Corbett-Winder - Pentre Farm, Autumn
Edouard Martinet - Ladybird (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Egyptian Beetle (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Grasshopper 1(SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Fish II
Edouard Martinet - Wasp (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Cockerel (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Ostrich 1
Edouard Martinet - Praying Mantis (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Toad 1 (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Grasshopper 2 (SOLD)
Edouard Martinet - Ostrich 2
Edouard Martinet - Ostrich 3
Edouard Martinet - Ostrich 4
David Fertig - Roses IIII
David Fertig - Royal Marines
David Fertig - Secret Agent
David Fertig - Self-Portrait
David Fertig - Seslavin Officer of the Hussars of the Guard
David Fertig - Sir Sydney Smith in Paris
David Fertig - Still Life
David Fertig - Suzanne le Peletier de Saint Frageau
David Fertig - Tenerife, after Richard Sewall
David Fertig - The Admiral's Library
David Fertig - The battle of the Pyramids
David Fertig - The Black Brunswicker
David Fertig - The Capture of the French Frigate Le Vengeance
David Fertig - The Destruction of the French port of Toulon
David Fertig - The Duke of Brunswick
David Fertig - The Moral Embrace
David Fertig - The Open Boat
David Fertig - The White Hart
David Fertig - The Zwinger at Dresden looking through the Wall Pavilion, af
David Fertig - Wolfe Tone
David Fertig - Battle of the Pyramids
David Fertig - untitled
David Fertig - Bonaparte II
David Fertig - Bonaparte III
David Fertig - Come Here !
David Fertig - Constitution and the Guerriere
David Fertig - Decrit
David Fertig - Fired On !
David Fertig - General Lasalle
David Fertig - Guerre
David Fertig - HMS Diamond
David Fertig - Hotel de Beauvais
David Fertig - Jack Ashore
David Fertig - John Singleton Copley's Studio London
David Fertig - London
David Fertig - Lord Cochrane's Cutter
David Fertig - Miss Gyll
David Fertig - Mr Midshipman Leake
David Fertig - Roses III
David Fertig - Aide de Campe
David Fertig - Roses I
David Fertig - Roses II
David Fertig - Aides de Campe of Marshall Ney
David Fertig - August 13, The Capture of the Argus
David Fertig - Battle of the Nile
David Fertig - 1813 II
David Fertig - 1813 III
David Fertig - 1813 ||
Bill Pike - The Chestnut Tree
Bill Pike - Virginia Creeper II
Bill Pike - Cruising
Bill Pike - The Millenium Dome from West India Docks
Bill Pike - Bridge Shadow Docklands
Bill Pike - Flowing Billows, Abingdon
Bill Pike - Red Umbrellas II
Bill Pike - Kennet and Avon Canal, Newbury
Bill Pike - The River Running
Bill Pike - Abingdon Bridge, Figure in Red
Bill Pike - Steel Canyons
Bill Pike - Cyclists at Abingdon
Bill Pike - Rapids on the River Lambourn at Great Shefford
Bill Pike - The Gables Eastbury
Bill Pike - A Coxed Four at Abingdon III
Bill Pike - The River Thames at cricklade
Bill Pike - Virginia Creeper II
Bill Pike - Eastbury III
Bill Pike - Mallard Wake Inerference
Bill Pike - Eastbury I
Bill Pike - The Drought
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Wolves
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Rhinoceros
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Stag
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Panther
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Panther on blue background
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Baby Elephant
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Baby Macaque with bird
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Bear
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Bird of Prey
Aurelien &nbsp&nbsp - Dancing Wolves
V J Keegan - Green Jug and Daisies
V J Keegan - Pastels
V J Keegan - Marmite
V J Keegan - William Morris I
Isabelle Brizzi - Elephant
V J Keegan - Crockery and Pots
Isabelle Brizzi - Polar Bear
V J Keegan - Bottle and Matches
V J Keegan - Tea Cups on Shelf
V J Keegan - Tiepolo diptych I
V J Keegan - The silver jug
V J Keegan - Green jug and flowers, charcoal study
V J Keegan - Byzantine Monks
V J Keegan - St. Francis
V J Keegan - Jugs
V J Keegan - Three Jugs
V J Keegan - Blue pot and Honesty
V J Keegan - William Morris II
V J Keegan - William Morris III
V J Keegan - William Morris IV
V J Keegan - Chinese Deer
V J Keegan - Silver Goblets
V J Keegan - The Connected Cup
V J Keegan - Teapots
V J Keegan - Matches, Open
V J Keegan - Bottle
V J Keegan - French Tins
V J Keegan - French Tins II
V J Keegan - Icon
V J Keegan - Marbles
V J Keegan - Silver Jug
V J Keegan - Tins
V J Keegan - Tankard and China
V J Keegan - Blue Pot and Plate
V J Keegan - The White Jug, Charcoal Study
V J Keegan - Tiepolo diptych II
V J Keegan - Pottery Vase