Isabelle Brizzi

Artist Biography: Born in Paris, Isabelle BRIZZI belongs to a family of painters and sculptors. After her Art studies, she dedicated her career to animation where she would work for many years, notably for the Walt Disney Company.

The animism and the humour that are fundamental in animation films influenced her style when she started sculpting.

Her passion for the wild world and long hours of studies in zoological parks, naturally lead her to the animal “genre” and taught her to catch the essence of movement and form.

Her training at the Museum of Natural History had her undertake rigorous study of animal anatomy. Yet, more than just a truthful capture of reality, her work attempts to catch an impression, a character, a synthetic image of the animal.

Her work is actually referenced in “La Cotation des Artistes” of DROUOT (Paris).

Max et Alex

(height x length x depth) 20cm