Nick Jeffrey

Born in Luanshya, Zambia in 1975, Nick Jeffrey has created original art forms born out of a deep fascination with the natural world. Working with butterflies, insects, flowers and fish, Nick celebrates the colours, textures and patterns found in the fleeting brilliance of nature.

Increasingly well-known for his spectacular butterfly artworks, Nick combines raw and modern materials such as Perspex, resin and mirrors with real butterflies from the sustainable farming industry, helping to protect the species with the conservation of their habitats.

Using light, reflections and shadows to replicate movement, Nick has pioneered and adapted new techniques to capture the transient beauty of the species in life and art.

Most recently Nick has also taken inspiration from ancient techniques such as 15th century fresco painting and traditional Japanese art forms, including Shinto shrine screen paintings and 'gyotaku’ fish prints, combining art with natural science and entomology.
Nick Jeffrey - Thermal Heights III
Thermal Heights III
Nick Jeffrey - Heliconius Morpho
Heliconius Morpho
Nick Jeffrey - A River Runs Through It
A River Runs Through It
Nick Jeffrey - Horizons of the Orient
Horizons of the Orient
Nick Jeffrey - Migration I
Migration I
Nick Jeffrey - Heliconius Morpho
Heliconius Morpho