An exhibition of new work by Mark Coreth
(Clay study of 'Leopard in a tree' shown)

Wildebeest Crossing
Pair of leaping Gnu
Grants Gazelle & New Born Calf
Elephant Matriarch and Calves
Warthog Family
Young Running Gnu
Study for Charging Elephant
Lifesize Leaping Lion
leopard on a Branch
Galloping Tommy
Cheetah Chasing Tommy
Study for Cheetah and Tommy
Lion and Lioness
Leopard Bust I
Pair of Genet Cats
Wildebeest and Giraffe migration
Buffalo Pair
Cheetah Lookout, Lifesize
Galloping Hippo
Swimming Crocodile Pair
Impala Spray
Impala, Female Heard
Scavengers: Vultures & Hyena
Flamingos, Lake Magidi
Flamingo pair
Zebra Crossing the Mara River
Leopard Bust II
Study for Galloping Cheetah