From the Polar wastes to the dry Savanah

Leopard Descending 1
Polar bear and cubs
Eagle in flight
Standing Donkey
Leopard descending II
Small Running Cheetah in Glass and Bronze
Cheetah Bust
Chasing Cheetah
Lion Bust
Lioness Bust
Caracal chasing Guinea Fowl
Set of 4 Antelope Busts (illustrated in clay)
Gyr Falcon Swooping
Rolling Bear Cub
Seal on Ice
Swimming Bear Head
Bucking Wildebeest
Large Galloping Cheetah
Sleeping Bear
Walking Bear
Snowy Owl in flight
Galloping Bear
Running Polar Bear
Elephant Procession
Charging Rhino
Leopard on a Pillar I
Leopard on a Pillar II
Caribou chased by wolves
Pair of Arctic Terns
Seated Bear, nose up
Bear Bust
Swimming Bear
Polar Bear Plaque
Bunched up Running Bear
Glass Walking Bear
Arctic Fox
Polar Bear, nose up