Nic Fiddian-Green’s first show at the Sladmore was exactly 10 years ago in June 1999. We have shown together in all that time at a number of successful one man exhibitions in Bruton Place, New York, Dublin, Paris , Sydney, and at Art fairs all over the World.

Through sheer determination and passion for his subject he has stayed true to the form of the Horse's head for 25 years. The spirit and power of this noble creature, both servant and master to man, has been the his long-term obsession. No animal is so deeply embedded in our culture and history , the very earliest example of art ever discovered in Britain was a horses head carved into a bone from 10,000 years BC.

Nic’s recent harrowing encounter with life-threatening illness has caused
an obvious and honest creative re-assessment. These have not been easy years for him since his last exhibition but there has emerged a stronger, deeper and more contemplative vision in the new work. In the eyes of his silent horses heads we see a mixture of emotions as he asks questions of the viewer that lend the new work a powerful spiritual and emotional resonance.

The original influence of the elegant Parthenon frieze is still apparent in the new sculpture. He has re-visited his earliest inspiration and the classical Greek principles of grace, beauty, serenity, and harmony are balanced with new sensibilities and his own considerable experience of working on the subject over the years .

Some of the monumental outdoor sculpture is displayed at Glyndebourne where it is part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Opera house. The remaining outdoor pieces are part of our current exhibition in the gardens of Woburn Abbey.

I couldn’t be any happier to have Nic back at the gallery with such a wonderful
Collection of new work, it’s been too long….

Gerry Farrell
Study for fire, Glyndebourne
Standing Horse
Christ at Rest
Study of Equine for I, Horse at Water
Horse at Water Miniature
Horse at Water (lead)
Model for Trojan
Greek Head
Study for Mawari
Study of Equine Form III, Horse at water
Horse at Water 09
Greek Head, Fragment
Horse at Water, Glyndebourne , 09
Study of Equine Form II, Horse at Water
Maquette for Trojan
The Return
Gentle Horse in the Wind