An exhibition of recent sculpture by Sophie Dickens

I am delighted to introduce the work of Sophie Dickens to the Sladmore. It is testament to our reputation in the field of contemporary sculpture that an artist of her standing has chosen to show with us. Her virtuoso modelling technique using wood and steel and plaster to create her sculptures translates incredibly well into bronze retaining all the immediacy and texture of the originals. Her awareness of the sculpture of previous centuries coupled with her narrative ability (she is the great great grand-daughter of Charles Dickens) make work that is modern and original yet connects satisfyingly with the past.

I am sure our sculpture collectors will share my enthusiasm for this fascinating young artist.

Gerry Farrell
Artist's Statement

The earliest sculptures ever made, in nascent cultures throughout history, were figurative and were used to explain the inexplicable - fertility, the weather, divinity, omnipotence, powerful magic. The most important part of my education as an artist was the study of the history of art - the history of physical human expression and the manipulation of others, a means of making a non-verbal statement about who we are and what we believe, whether artist, patron or commissioning body.
For me, the wonderful thing about relating sculpture to the human figure is that nobody is excluded from it. Through the application of pieces of wood onto a steel armature I can convey emotions and preoccupations that are meaningful to me - vulnerability, spiritual energy and the Don Quixote-ness of man’s struggle with his own humanity.
My technique evolved from the traditional modeller’s practice of packing out armatures with pieces of wood before applying clay to the form. I started using curved pieces of wood, creating an interplay of concave and convex surfaces that relate to anatomy and movement. The faceted surfaces translate very well into bronze, accentuating the jutting reliefs and airy voids that inform the momentum and physicality of the sculptures.
Icarus III
Duck II
Duck III
Icarus Descending
Apollo and Daphne
Adam and Eve
Leda III
Duck I
Jacob and the Angel
Continuous Hares
Seven Brothers
Adam and Eve
Icarus I
Icarus II
Frog Prince
Diana and Hounds
The Way the Land lies
Angel and Devil
Rolling Dog
Leda I
Leda II
Diana and Hounds