Recent Works

In the Shade, Aswan
Fishing in March, Breckenridge
Intentions of the Model
Between Rides, Aswan, Egypt
Unloading the Customers, Thailand
Bathers at the Harbour Wall, Isola del Giglio
Purple Umbrella, Campase Beach, Isola del Giglio
Household Timber Delivery
Fish Sales at Giglio Harbour
Waiting for the Titbits at the Fish Market, Essaouira, Moroc
Fish Market Cats, Essaouira, Morocco
Avenue of the Sphinx, Luxor
Harbour, Enkhuisen, Holland
Moorings, Enkhuisen, Holland
Nubian Village, Aswan, Egypt
Kitchener Island, Aswan, Egypt
Waiting for Customers to Ferry, Aswan
Late Afternoon Light, Camp at Aswan
Moored Feluccas, Aswan
Local Children Fishing, St. Claire, France
Outside the Temple of Luxor, Egypt
Beauty of Philae and Visitors
Feluccas at Elephantine Island, Asawn
Entrance to the Souks, Aswan
Dancer Resting
Beach at Compase, Isola del Giglio
The Mirror
Campase, Isola del Giglio (The Brazen Women)
Visitors to Philae Temple
Early Morning Shoeshine, Luxor, Egypt