The Dog Show

The William Secord and The Sladmore Galleries are excited to show a variety of dog breeds in two very different but complimentary mediums by prominent nineteenth and twentieth century artists. Highlights of the exhibition include bronzes by Antoine-Louis Barye (French, 1796-1875), Rembrandt Bugatti (Italian, 1884 – 1916), Isidore Bonheur (French, 1827-1901), and Pierre- Jules Mène (French, 1810-1879). Featured dog paintings include works by George Earl (English, 1824-1908) Maud Earl (English, 1864-1943), John Emms (English, 1843-1912), and Arthur Wardle (English, 1864-1949), among others.

Canine Companions are welcome to visit the exhibition.

Seated Pointer with Hare, c.1860
Standing Hound, Tom
Pekinese Dog, c.1920
Huntsman, Fox and Hounds, 1870
Seated Hound, c. 1865
Rabat Joie, c. 1875
No Trespassing
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Sharp, 1897
The Whipper-in, Fox Hounds
On Guard
Setters in the Highlands
Black Labrador Retriever, 1910
Dachsunds at Rest, 1855
Holding the Point, 1890
On Point
Recumbent Poodle, 1912
Jumbo, Cherie, Salembo, Chloe and Topsy
The Mediator
Griffon and Pigeons, 1858
Miniature Pinscher, c. 1930
Hunter with Hound, 1875
Pointer and Partridge, c. 1860
Pointer and Rabbit, c. 1860
Borzoi, 1909
Reclining Spitz Dog, c. 1904
Tiny of Skipton, 1927
English Setters in a Landscape, ca. 1790
Ch. Dusky Reine, 1905
Waiting for Master, 1884
Canine Companions
Basset Hound in a Forest
Waiting for Master
Dandie Dinmont Terriers in a Snowy Landscape
Manchester Terrier
Reclining Greyhound, 1868
Spaniel, c. 1850
'Mon Chien', 1905
Greyhound and Hare, 1870
Lion Cub with Greyhound, 1906
Two Greyhounds Coursing, 1850
Wounded Hound, 1850
Pointer, Large, 1889
Pair of Great Danes, c. 1900
Great Dane, Shaun McAlpine Memorial Trophy
Chow Chow Champion Blue Blood
Champion Tsaretsa, 1900
French Bulldog, 1937
Hound and Tortoise, c. 1875
Greyhound in a Landscape, 1902
Husky, lying down, 1915