Sirio Tofaniri (1886 - Italian 1969)

The sculptor Sirio Tofanari was born in Florence on 9th Apri l886 and learnt the first elements of drawing at the "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Florence.

In 1907 he went to Paris and then to London where he lived for a period and, inspired by the great school of instinct and from his study of nature, he dedicated himself to the sculpture of animals, to show his interior feelings and the boundless love he always had for animals.

His original realisations are the result of the constant discipline of observation of his subjects - studying their forms and movement with a particular, decorative eye.

From 1909 to 1934 Tofanari took part in both the Biennali in Venice and the Quadriennale in Rome where he participated with his own room.
His works in bronze and marble were exhibited in the most important galleries in Italy and abroad: Rome, Florence, London, Paris, Brussels (where in 1928 Queen Elizabeth opened his exhibition and honoured the artist with personal purchases) Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Baia Blanca, Rio de Janeiro, S.Paolo, S.Fè.
His activity in the art world has been very intense and many Italian and foreign collectors are in possession of important works.

Tofanari moved to Milan in 1937 where he worked on a commission for the Commendatore Antonio Feltrinelli along with other private commissions He was notably prolific up to 1942 but in a tragic air raid on over his house on 24th October 1937 his house with his works were destroyed.

17th February 1949, by special decree of the President of the Italian Republic, Tofanari was nominated 'National Academic of the S.Lucia Academy in Rome for Sculptors'. The Poligraphic Institut published, in the volume 'Italian Modern Sculpture', various works by the artist. Furthermore he received excellent reviews for those works he exhibited.

Sirio Tofanari died in Milan in 1969.
Sirio Tofaniri - Family of Eland, 1920
Family of Eland, 1920